Sunday, 29 March 2009

Interesting or important things and selective deafness

They are worried about my hearing again because I don't respond sometimes. I thought I had explained but to avoid any doubt I can hear:
  • a biscuit packet or the biscuit tin being opened when I am asleep in another room;
  • a saucepan being scraped or put on the floor when I am in the front garden;
  • the front gate opening when I am in the back garden;
  • a dog walking past our wall
  • my lead or collar being moved
  • and the dawn chorus when you are fast asleep.
These of course are interesting and important things to hear. I do not hear so well words like 'come' and 'sit' because they are generally not so interesting or important, unless we are playing the game where I run full pelt at you and swerve at the last moment, and I have previously explained the technical difficulties.

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