Monday, 20 April 2009

Summertime ... I think I might like Mungo Jerry

Summer has arrived

_________I can be outside .....

____________They don't mind if the door is open

________________They seem much happier

____________________Walks are longer

________________________Water is warmer

___________________________The grass smells

______________________________So why does he
spoil it all

by getting
the grass eater out ....

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Two good walks in Two days

After hours and hours of dropping a hint yesterday they said eventually they were taking me out for a walk, we went down to the canal, a quick swim and we carried on until we went over the motorway, then back to the towpath and into the country where I had another swim and saw a big old friendly dog wearing a raincoat... How can you swim wearing a raincoat? For some reason we turned back before I was ready, but then I saw my chance and disappeared off up to the disused railway line... they decided to come and we continued until I saw a field where there had clearly been rabbits, so I had to explore and once again they followed. Eventually we arrived at a road where I was put on the lead, fortunately no dogs or cats were around, and along PAVEMENTS to a food shop where they had something to eat and once again all I had the were the left overs. Dying of starvation we continued until I saw we were near the canal again and I was off the lead to explore. Nearly four hours later we arrived home.

Today we went into the city in my car and I was left in the back: for a a few hours by the coach station where the younger he disappeared and I have not seen him since; then even longer at a garage where he went in to look at a motorbike and she laid down in the road to take some pictures; and finally for most of the day at a food shop where he came back with two interesting bags that contained FOOOOD. After all the delays we eventually arrived at Daisy Nook where there is plenty of mud, water, trees, sunny grass, and of course interesting smells. Unfortunately I also found some noisy geese... so I had to chase them away. Again I only had leftovers and some dog chews which were too small to chew. After a reasonable walk we set off back to the car, but for some reason they took me by the water again so all my mud came off... and I think I may have become clean ...which is definitely not very good. We arrived home to find the sun was in my favourite spot... across the front door... so I just had to lie there.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

I actually had a proper walk and swim today

We went to the beach today and I could just be myself....

Then just because they said I was sandy they took me to my river for another swim.. memo to self... where can I find some sand...

Today was a good day!