Monday, 9 March 2009

Dogs must be kept on a lead

She is apparently 50 or half way today so presumably is no longer a puppy. So we went for a long drive then a quick play in a river followed by a dog pub meal before going on the walk. The trouble was that once we were on 'the walk' it had signs saying dogs must be kept on a lead. Well I don't mind on pavements but it is a bit much on a disused railway with trees everywhere and smells wherever you went. There were not any sheep, lambs, goats, horses or cows around and another local dog walker explained that most people normally let them off although the sign had been there since the trail-way began. So over a mile on the lead - this was not good - before we left the trail and went down to the river where I could become a normal GR again...


  1. wheres this taken at, looks beautiful for dog walking

  2. Vince it is Millers Dale in the peaks. The Angler's Rest (dog and walker/hiker friendly pub) has a car park and you walk from there. The old railway at the top is the dogs on lead bit - Google has many pictures. You can walk for miles...and the dog even further It is on the B6049 between the A6 & A623 some 5-7 miles east of Buxton