Saturday, 28 February 2009

Ther're not there

Don't bother ... I've already tried and they are not there. ..

You hear dogs or other birds and animals that you could go and play with coming from inside the black box, from the grey box on the kitchen worktop, or hear and see them from the thing that is attached to the wall, but when you go round the back so that you can charge them from behind ... they have gone ... come back to the front ... and they are there again ... bark and they ignore you ... most confusing.

I have just given up ... and just watch them now like they do...

BTW 1 ...why why why am I unable to smell FOOD whenever I can clearly see FOOD that must be for ME in the grey box attached to the wall? And why do I see some people eating FOOD who do not give ME all... ever...

But sometimes they give me
FOOD that I have seen go in either one of the big white boxes with a door in the kitchen, or the smaller silver box with a light on the kitchen worktop - and in that one you do smell the FOOD ?

BTW 2... why do I see some some dogs in the silver thing attached to the wall being washed brushed, pedicured, and having all sorts of things done to them ....and as for the bows... when they could just find a nice piece of mud, water or even manure for a good roll, have a run through a hedge to be beautiful and smelling wonderful.

BTW 3... I am hungry.

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